Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher furiously abandoned a meeting with a Sony executive when the record company man compared him to pop singer Anastasia.

The DON'T LOOK BACK IN ANGER star was already offended by the American businessman's attempts to make him speed up the recording of upcoming album DON'T BELIEVE THE TRUTH, and was left with no option other than to turn his back on the executive when he went one step too far.

Gallagher recalls, "We go to a posh restaurant. He's kind of asking, 'Why can we not get this record done?'

"And I'm telling him how it doesn't sound right, and how I'm going to write more songs, and he says, 'You know who you sound like? Right now, just sitting there? Just talking about your grievances and worries about the record? Do you know who you sound like?'

"Well, I'm scrolling through the Sony acts thinking, 'Is he going to say (BOB) DYLAN? I'll go as low as Bruce Springsteen...' Anyway, I go, 'Who?' He says, 'Anastasia!' It didn't compute for a moment. Again I went, 'Who?' And there it was again, 'Anastasia.'"

Taken aback by the executive's lack of tact, Gallagher took drastic measures.

He continues, "So I poured another glass of wine, necked it in one, looked at him and said, 'I've got to f**king go now, cos I've just broken out in a rash.' As I was looking at him I thought, 'You will never see my face again, and I will never lay eyes on you. Whoever you f**king are, and whatever your f**king name is, this is where it finishes for me and you.'

"I walk off, down Knightsbridge, collar up, p**sing down with f**king rain. Just when it can't get worse, a black cab pulls up and goes, 'All right LIAM (his brother and Oasis frontman).'"

05/05/2005 17:26