Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher is bitterly disappointed by Kings Of Leon's new album - insisting the rockers have "sold out."
The British singer admits he is a fan of the Tennessee-based band, but after hearing their latest record, Only By The Night, he is convinced that they have changed their sound in a bid to appeal to a wider audience.
He tells NME.com, "I like Kings Of Leon, but I don't know about this f**king new record. I like the old stuff. I like (singer Caleb Followill's) voice. When they first come out I was going, 'Who the f**k is this?' They were cool, and now they've all got their sleeves cut off.
"It seems to me they've gone for the bucks, man. I'm not dissing (insulting) them because I f**king really like them, but it's like they've got this U2 sound and you can do better than that."