Oasis rocker Noel Gallagher was threatened with a knife by GREASE star Jeff Conaway during a drunken night of partying with Marilyn Manson.
The Wonderwall hitmakers were working on their forthcoming album Dig Out Your Soul in Los Angeles earlier this year (08) when they were personally invited to a show by Manson.
The shock rocker even dedicated a track to Oasis brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher.
Noel recalls, "Before one song he (Manson) goes, 'I wanna dedicate this song to the two biggest f**k-ups in England!' ...Then he's going, 'Oasis are in the house tonight!', and he starts doing Cocaine Supernova and screaming, 'These two guys from England, they're bigger f**k-ups than I am!'"
But the Gallaghers had no idea just how crazy things would get - especially when they started to tease Conaway, who played leather-clad Kenickie in Grease, for his limp.
Noel adds, "Anyway, so we go back after the gig and we just got f**king absolutely… beyond pissed on absinthe. That's when Kenickie from Grease f**king pulled a knife on us.
"He comes into the dressing room, and Liam's been watching Celebrity Rehab so he's going, 'Ah, there's f**king Kenickie!' So we get him over and we're all pissed, so we're like, 'Why are you on a f**king walking stick, you lightweight!?' He's going, 'My back's f**ked. F**king John Travolta in 'Grease' - he's so f**king short, they made me stoop over and that's when I invented the famous Kenickie walk!'
"We were going, 'What?! The famous Kenickie walk?' He started doing this walk so we're giving him a bit of stick (teasing him). And he says, 'Hey, I'm f**king still young enough to pull a knife on you!' and he whips out this flick-knife. We just laughed, like, 'You silly old man!' That was a great night - we all got more drunk on absinthe and argued in the van all the way home about some Kinks f**king B-side."