The new Oasis album is in danger of having its release date brought forward after a batch of pirate copies were sold on auction website eBAY yesterday (18APR05).

The British rockers, fronted by brothers LIAM and Noel Gallagher, are set to release their sixth album DON'T BELIEVE THE TRUTH on 16 May (05).

But that release date is no longer a certainty after illegal copies changed hands on eBay's UK site for GBP9.99 ($19). The music will likely soon be available for anybody to download using file-sharing software.

The online advertisement read: "This is a very rare, full-length copy of the forthcoming Oasis album Don't Believe The Truth. This is a CDR copy which comes with promo artwork. Don't miss this opportunity to this album before anyone else."

The internet trader, known only as KBROWN123, is believed to have made over $570 (GBP300) from the illegal sales.

Bosses at Oasis' record label Sony are tracking the anonymous seller down with help from eBay.

The source of the leak is likely to be a review copy of Don't Believe The Truth. However, the promotional CDs are "watermarked" allowing Sony to trace the original owner.

19/04/2005 03:08