Former Oasis guitarist PAUL 'BONEHEAD' ARTHURS is glad he left the band at the height of its fame - insisting the rockers should have bowed out of the business following their huge gig at Knebworth.
Oasis made history when they took to the stage at Knebworth stately home, England, in 1996 - performing to 250,000 revellers over a two massive shows.
And Arthurs, who was part of the group from 1991 to 1999, is adamant that Oasis should have quit at the top of their game - because nothing can top those concerts.
He says, "I always thought we should have bowed out at Knebworth. Walking out on that stage is a feeling I can't explain: a sea of people. Big!"
And the musician admits he was ready to leave the band - because their hectic schedule took him away from his newborn daughter.
"My daughter was two days old and I was jumping on a flight. We'd made our money. We had big cars. We were renting out Christian Dior's mansion in France. That should have been fun, but it wasn't.
"Liam (Gallagher) was on a drinking ban and I wasn't helping by not sticking to it. Noel (Gallagher) had his own problems."