British rockers DUSTIN'S BAR MITZVAH are to split following drummer TOBY BURROWS' decision to leave the band. The four-piece group from Acton in West London, released their debut album GET YOUR MOOD ON in December last year (06), and will play their final gig together on 8 May (07) at the capital's 100 Club. Frontman DAVE LAZAR broke the news to fans on their official MySpace page, stating that the remaining three members will continue making music under another group name. He says, "When we got back from Germany, Toby told us he didn't want to be in a band anymore. It's not like he's (former Oasis drummers) TONY MCCARROLL or Alan White, Dustin's worked because it was the four of us. "Me, ROB and BACO have got a new drummer and lots of new songs, we are looking for a keyboard player. The new band will be a continuation on from Dustin's Bar Mitzvah in a way; we are thinking of keeping the Dustin's part of the name and then adding to it, but the name's not the priority at the moment. "We will keep you posted on progress, hopefully will have some songs up by the end of summer."