There was a brief NYPD Blue reunion of sorts on TV in America on Thursday morning (30Sep10) when Dennis Franz phoned in to ACCESS HOLLYWOOD LIVE to chat to former cop partner and show guest Jimmy Smits.
Franz, who played Detective Andy Sipowicz opposite Smits' Detective Bobby Simone on TV for 10 years, couldn't resist poking fun at his pal, insisting he'd always have to run slower in chase scenes on the beloved crime series to make the Latino star look faster.
Thrilled Smits stated, "That's a TV icon, folks, that you're listening to."
Franz also had kind words for his former co-star, insisting he's glued to Smits' new TV drama Outlaw.
He added, "Good luck and we're watching... It's a great show, another great job. You can be proud."
Fighting back tears, Smits thanked the news show for setting up the phonecall surprise: "Wow, that was great."