Nylon Pylon

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Nylon Pylon: The Barfly Liverpool 03/06/2003

The audience for the only support of the night the Feeder like band 20 Reds varied between eight and ten and people. Unfortunately, this lonely sight adversely impacted upon the band, whom seemed to be going through the motions for the whole set. After the quirky opener 'two minutes', they barely spoke and never introduced another song. The tracks were lively and quite catchy, implying the young band will have better days, but for now their own lyrics summed them up:

"This is a love song. Where did we go wrong? "

Many of Nylon Pylon's fans travelled their base of Greater Manchester to the gig, they were just getting the drinks in as the happy go lucky Mancunians sauntered onto the stage wryly smiling at the dozen or so people waiting for them. They authoritatively ordered the rest of the waiting crowd in from the bar in the next room, before ripping into the instrumental opener 'Sun', which contained powerful and sporadic synths, coupled with searing guitar riffs creating an intergalactic sound at times. It was easy to see why they went down well opening for The Music back in January, and why Robert Harvey advocated that they should be on the front page of NME.

The new single "Foot In Mouth" then demonstrated the band's versatility as they added the Ian Brown like vocals ( albeit distorted vocals in places) of front men Richard Stubbs and Bruce Carter, as the disappointingly small crowd of around 150 began lose themselves in the maze thumping music and frivolous fun exuded by the Pylons. However, the music does at time mask quite bold

Nylon Pylon: The Barfly Liverpool 03/06/2003  @ www.contactmusic.com
Nylon Pylon: The Barfly Liverpool 03/06/2003  @ www.contactmusic.com
Nylon Pylon: The Barfly Liverpool 03/06/2003  @ www.contactmusic.com

lyrics as the song ' 2 Bone' bears out:

"Getting too close to the bone,

putting my head in the zone"

It is more refreshing than a Liam Gallagher apology to see all the members of a band smiling and being joyous merely at the fact that they are performing. The night finished with bouncy and popular set closer 'Music: Noise', which summed things up nicely. The backing electronic music resembled the sort that would accompany a UFO sighting in SCI-FI programmes, which was quite fitting, as rarely will you witness or hear anything quite like Nylon Pylon live.