Actress Noureen Dewulf had no reservations about working with Charlie Sheen on his new sitcom, branding the job a "slam dunk".
The 28 year old has landed a role opposite Sheen in new TV comedy Anger Management, the actor's first small screen job since he was fired from his regular role in Two and a Half Men last year (11) after months of erratic behaviour.
However, DeWulf insists Sheen's wild past didn't put her off taking the job.
She says, "When I saw this was Charlie Sheen's new show I thought 'I got to get on this show!' Charlie Sheen sitcom, that was like a slam dunk. I really love working with Charlie because he's so interesting as a person. He's fascinating, he's famous and he's such a phenomenon of a person - I love that. He's very honest, he's a really honest guy and it's fun to work with him."
DeWulf also reveals she didn't worry about whether Sheen would approve of her, as she was wearing a skimpy costume for the show. She jokes, "The first time I met him was on set and I was already in my wardrobe which was like Daisy Duke's - a bikini top and stuff - so I wasn't very worried about whether he would like me or not!"