Notting Hill director Richard Curtis and producer Tim Bevan are calling for local officials to rethink plans for a new school in the upmarket London borough.

The pair, who worked on the hit romantic comedy together, have signed a petition against plans to open a new education facility on the same street as their children's private school in the movie's namesake neighbourhood.

Anger erupted among locals when it came to light that officials had agreed the deal, which would effectively halt plans to expand the existing Notting Hill Preparatory School.

In a letter to Kensington and Chelsea council chiefs, Curtis writes, "You are not a private landlord - you are our town council."

While, Bevan's wife Amy adds, "My husband Tim Bevan produced Notting Hill, so as a family we (sic) connected to the narrative of this area in more ways than one. Whatever your feelings of the film, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea will have certainly benefited economically from the project."

A statement from the council reads, "A great many people have expressed interest. It must be right for that interest to receive a public hearing ... at the council meeting. Having listened, the council's cabinet will take a decision in the interests of the whole borough."

A public meeting on the matter will take place on Wednesday (05Mar14).