Late author Norman Mailer was a wild man in bed, according to a stack of newly-discovered love letters written by his former mistress.
Model/actress Carole Mallory spilled details of the couple's sex life in notes compiled during their nearly 10-year affair, which took place during Mailer's marriage to his sixth wife Norris Church, and ended in 1992.
One candid 20-page document is entitled Making Love with Norman, and includes the line, "It's very steamy. Norman was a real man and he knew what he was doing."
The papers have been bought by Mailer's former university Harvard. Financial details of the deal have not been released, although Mailer sold previous archives of his own to the University of Texas for $2.5 million (GBP1.25million) in 2005.
Mailer died last November (07), aged 84.