LATEST: Late author Norman Mailer enjoyed sexual roleplay, according to his former mistress CAROLE MALLORY.
The couple dated from 1983 to 1992 during Mailer's marriage to his sixth wife Norris Church.
Their sex life was exposed last month (Apr08) when Harvard University bought a stack of love letters the pair wrote to one another.
Now former model Mallory has spoken out to reveal exactly what Pulitzer Prize-winning Mailer's X-rated tastes included.
She says, "(Mailer) liked me to play dress up in erotic outfits, and we'd roleplay. He particularly liked to play the role of producer. The scene would be the casting couch."
Mallory, who boasts having bedded stars including Warren Beatty, Rod Stewart, Robert De Niro and Richard Gere, also claims Mailer was obsessed with details of her sexual past.
She adds, "He liked to hear the details of the sexual behaviour of stars with whom I'd had sex.
"Norman was turned on by hearing about my sexual encounters with movie stars... hearing about my sexcapades gave him great pleasure."
Mailer died last November (07), aged 84.