Norman Corwin, often described as radio's poet laureate for his moving, semi-documentary dramas, died Tuesday in Los Angeles at age 101. A close friend of Chicago poet Carl Sandburg, his writings seemed in tune with Sandburg's free verse. On VE day, May 8, 1945, CBS broadcast his On a Note of Triumph , which began with the narrator, Martin Gable, intoning "So they've given up. They're finally done in. And the rat is dead in an alley back of the Wilhelmstrasse. ... Take a bow, G.I. Take a bow, little guy. The Superman of Tomorrow lies dead at the feet of you Common men of this afternoon. ... This is it, kid, this is the day! ... Seems like free men have done it again." The documentary, A Note of Triumph The Golden Age of Norman Corwin won won the Oscar for Best Documentary (Short Feature) in 2006.