Norah Jones, Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Sting and Herbie Hancock are among a host of stars who have signed up to perform in a giant concert, set to be broadcast internationally in May (04).

More than 19 years after producing charity anthem WE ARE THE WORLD, Jones' WE ARE THE FUTURE is expected to draw more than one million fans to Rome, Italy, and millions more to TV sets around the world when it airs on 16 May.

Jones, 71, is also in talks with Jakob Dylan, ben taylor and Stevie Wonder are also in talks to appear in the show, which will include Oprah Winfrey, Muhammad Ali and Chris Tucker.

Organisers are negotiating with an American TV network and Arabic broadcaster AL-JAZEERA to broadcast the marathon show, whose proceeds will go children suffering in areas of conflict.

Jones says, "This is a very exciting event, but it's also serious stuff. It's an unprecedented coalition building a movement based on local participation."

Around 2,000 children, aged between five and eight, will assemble hand-in-hand at the event, which will take place at Rome's CIRCUS MAXIMUS grounds and encourage sport and music interaction between warring nations.

Jones, who hopes his event will inspire his fellow Americans will get more involved with the rest of the world, adds,"Isolationism is one of our biggest problems. Only 11 per cent of Americans have passports. I'm glad people are starting to pay attention to issues like the AIDS pandemic and the nature of tribalism. It's time to get off our butts and jam."

23/03/2004 01:41