Norah Jones has rescheduled a concert in Perth, Australia next month (Feb13) after she was invited to sing at the Academy Awards.

The singer performed Everybody Needs A Best Friend in Seth MACfarlane's hit movie Ted, and the track has been nominated for the Best Original Song Oscar.

MACfarlane asked Jones to sing the tune at the Los Angeles prizegiving on 24 February (13), the day of her concert in Perth, so she has now moved the Australian show forward to 13 February (13).

In a statement, the star writes, "When my friend Seth MACfarlane invited me to perform the theme song from his movie Ted at the Academy Awards (which he is hosting), I couldn't say no!

"I had a great time recording this song with Seth, and was thrilled to learn that the song was nominated for an Oscar. Getting to perform it at such a prestigious event that my friend is hosting is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

"I sincerely hope that everyone coming to the show will understand the rescheduling and still be able to come a little earlier than anticipated. Many apologies for any inconvenience this causes you. I am very excited to come play for you!"