Portlandia star Carrie Brownstein has been recruited to complete the late Nora Ephron's unfinished screenplay, Lost In Austen.

The Oscar-nominated screenwriter passed away in 2012, and was in the process of adapting the 2008 British Tv series into a feature film.

Now producers have tapped Emmy-nominee and Peabody Award winner Brownstein to complete the script, making it her first feature film writing assignment.

Director Sam Mendes, who is serving as a producer on the project, praises Brownstein's talents in a statement which reads, "Carrie is smart and funny and original, and the project is very lucky to have her."

The new version of Lost in Austen will feature the main character of Amanda living and working in present day Brooklyn, New York, until she suddenly gets transported into Austen's fictional world of Pride and Prejudice.