Nora Ephron, the multi-award winning American film director and writer, releases her new book 'I Remember Nothing and Other Reflections' today (9th November 2010), and in it she writes about her disappointment with President Obama and the Democrats.
69-year-old Ephron is perhaps most famous for directing the much-loved movie 'Sleepless in Seattle, and in a recent interview with The Daily Beast, she spoke about her struggle to become regarded as a serious writer, saying, "Women weren't writers because that's just the way it's always been,", adding that her male boss at the time had told her the same thing. In the new book, a collection of essays, Ephron airs her disillusionment with President Obama's presidency, saying, "The Democrats are deeply disappointing", adding, "After I read DAVID REMNICK's book on Obama, I knew he would never be able to rise above the need to be a consensus-seeker. I just thought, oh... That was when I understood".
The writer also uses the book to describe how an affair with a fellow journalist led to her missing an important protest against the war in Vietnam, saying, "Norman Mailer wrote an entire book about this march, called "The Armies of the Night.If you knew NORMAN MAILER and me and were asked to guess which of us cared more about sex, you would, of course, pick NORMAN MAILER. How wrong you would be".