Nora Ephron's fears her childhood would have scarred her had she been born any later - because her parents were worsening alcoholics her whole life.

The When Harry Met Sally writer was born to feted scriptwriters HENRY and PHEOBE EPHRON, but suffered at the hands of their dual addiction.

Nora holds a deep love for her parents and respects their legendary body of work, which includes the scripts for musicals CAROUSEL and THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOWBUSINESS, but she refuse to forgive them for the torture their alcoholism inflicted on her younger siblings.

She explains, "(They were alcoholics) in a bad way. Not in a charming way. But I had most of their good years - I was really lucky. I had them at their most charming fun and generous and at their least crazy."

"I thought I grew up in as sitcom; my youngest sister thinks she grew up in a loony bin."