Noomi Rapace felt like she "came back to earth" when she wrapped on sci-fi movie 'Prometheus'.

The Swedish actress plays a leading role in Ridley Scott's 'Alien' prequel - which also stars Michael Fassbender - and she admits she got so into filming she felt like she returned to earth from space when shooting finished.

She said: "It was really a quite intense and dramatic Journey for me to go through, and to do with Ridley and the other actors. But, when we were finished and we wrapped in Iceland, I remember that it was almost like I came back to Earth because I'd been on this spaceship and I'd been out on this weird planet.

"It's always quite fascinating, when I look back at things and I realise how deep into it I actually was. It's almost like I'm occupied by something."

Despite many assuming the sci-fi film would use lots of green screen, Noomi has revealed much of the set was built, meaning it felt like "magic" while she was on it.

She added to "We didn't have green screen. I think we had it twice. They built everything. It felt like magic. It's stunning. What's so fantastic, with Ridley Scott, is that he's such an artist and he creates really big, amazing shots, but it's still brutally beautiful, at the same time. I can't wait to see it!"