Noel Gallagher has slammed his wayward brother, again, and praised British pop music after playing a headline acoustic set for charity.

Gallagher played two dates at the Royal Albert Hall in London for the Teenage Cancer Trust this week, although brother Liam decided not to bother. Explaining his absence, Noel said: "Unfortunately Liam isn't here tonight.

"I don't know why. I asked him and when he replied all I heard was f*** and charity in the same sentence."

Noel, however, provided a typically outstanding performance 'unplugged', as he rattled through favourites such as CAST NO SHADOW, TALK TONIGHT and WONDERWALL, as well as a couple of covers.

And in a radio interview with Virgin Radio between dates, Noel explained his pride in the British music scene.

He said: "What's cool is that great pop music is being made with guitars, I guess Oasis opened the door for that.

"There's some really great pop music being played coming out of the pages of NME like KLAXONS and HOT CHIP, not necessarily guitar music. I think it's pretty good actually."

28/03/2007 11:15:47