OASIS star Noel Gallagher has warned the media not to pay attention to his younger brother LIAM's comments - because "he talks out of his a**e".

Last month (APR05) Liam labelled new band Kaiser Chiefs "a bad Blur" and said Scottish band Franz Ferdinand look like "RIGHT SAID FRED on the Atkins diet".

However Noel insists, "I don't mind the Kaiser Chiefs, Liam doesn't mind the Kaiser Chiefs, I've met them and they're f**king good lads. Liam's just talking out of his a**e.

"Boys in make-up don't sit well with Liam.

"I mean he doesn't like Franz Ferdinand because they wear winklepickers, if you don't like a band because of their shoes it's bad that, isn't it, you know what I mean."

12/05/2005 17:43