Noel Gallagher would've had no problem with the rest of Oasis carrying on under the band's name after they split.

The 49-year-old rocker quit the band in 2009 following a furious backstage bust-up with his brother Liam and now he's said he wouldn't have minded if Liam and the rest of the group - who reunited as Beady Eye - wanted to continue to perform as Oasis and all it would have taken was a simple phone call.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, he said: ''On the day that I left, they could have had the name if they'd have en masse, called me up. I would have signed the name off to them but they didn't.''

The 'Live Forever' hitmaker also admitted he wouldn't stop Liam, Gem Archer, Andy Bell and Chris Sharrock getting back together and that it would be ''f***ing interesting'' and ''hilarious'' to see what they'd come up with.

Asked if he would mind the rest of Oasis reforming, he said: ''I'd pay to see that (them do it without me). I think it'd be f***ing interesting. We could start a rumours that I'm going to reform without Liam and I am going to use a hologram like Tupac at Coachella. (No seriously though) I wouldn't stop them at all. It would be f***ing hilarious. I'm cool with it.''

However, that doesn't mean Noel has any plans to reunite with the band and he'd only consider it if he was in serious need of cash.

He said: ''I get people going, 'You will reform, you'll definitely reform', and I'm like, 'What makes you so sure?' and they go 'You just will.'

''I'm like, 'What the f***, don't be so f***ing rude. Are you trying to Jedi mind trick me or what?'

''You'd do it for the money and I would do it for the money If I needed the money but I don't need the money.''

Beady Eye parted ways in 2014, however, Liam recently teased plans for a musical comeback.

Taking to his Twitter account, he wrote: ''Lots of exciting things happening time to get back in ring give us a call ROVER LG x (sic)''

And a source teased: ''The penny has finally dropped with Liam ... His friends are pleased as he's finally got something to aim for now he's given up on an Oasis reunion.''