Noel Gallagher believes his album 'Who Built The Moon?' is powerful enough to ''defeat'' Isis and Donald Trump.

The former Oasis star thinks his joyous new music has got what it takes to destroy the controversial US President and the terrorist group, because it's ''everything they hate''.

Speaking about the themes, he said: ''It's unashamedly a f**kin' pop record.

''It's about the joy of beautiful women, nights out and nights getting f**kin' high, and all the things that we live in life. All the things that the f**kin' terrorists hate.

''I reckon if I went to Syria and played it for Isis,

it'd all be f**kin' over. I reckon it'd even turn Trump around.''

The 'Holy Mountain' singer - who has 17-year-old daughter Anais, whom he has with ex-wife Meg Matthews, and sons Sonny, seven, and 10-year-old Donovan with his spouse Sara MacDonald - has no interest in politics, except for Republican Trumps' ''f**king scary'' ideas on global warming because it could affect his children's lives.

He said told Rolling Stone magazine: ''F**k Jeremy Corbyn. He's a Communist.

''Trump's a ... a ... I'm not even going to name him.

''But they [Corbyn and Trump] don't affect my life.

''Well, Donald Trump, maybe, because his views on the environment are pretty f**king scary, and that will affect my children.

''But politicians? They're f**king idiots.

''They're economists - that's all they are. They're f**king full of sh*t, and I should know, because I've known quite a few of them.''

It comes after Noel slammed bands like Foo Fighters and Green Day for writing ''boring'' songs about current affairs.

The 'Some Might Say' songwriter says they should be thinking of ways to be more ''revolutionary'', like himself, and writing uplifting tunes.

He ranted recently: ''I think that guitar music has become more about f***ing shouting, like Dave Grohl, what's he on about? Green Day, and the guy from Queens of the Stone Age, what are they shouting about? They're shouting about the f***ing news. Who wants to sing about the news?''

He added: ''The news is boring. Donald Trump is f***ing boring. Politics is boring. The little fat guy from North Korea, he looks funny, but he's f***ing boring.

''So why would you want to write music about that [stuff]? I think to write songs about joy and hope is f***ing revolutionary. There, I just said it, revolutionary.''