Noel Gallagher was "sick" of writing lyrics for his brother Liam.

The guitarist has confessed he had grown wary of penning songs for his sibling to sing during the final stages of Oasis and enjoyed recording his debut solo album because he had complete artistic control.

Noel - who quit the super-group in 2009 following a huge bust-up with Liam - said: "To be in a band you have to accept that it's going to be a compromise. This time I didn't have to explain to anybody how it goes. I was sick to death of writing out lyrics for other people. It was a very serene, peaceful process of recording. I'm sure that's going to be offset by f***ing utter chaos and frustration on the live side."

Although he is happy with his upcoming LP, 'Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds', the musician admits it hasn't been easy for him to walk away from Oasis.

The 'Death of You and Me' singer is angry with people who keep telling him how great it will be to start afresh without his former bandmates.

He told Rolling Stone magazine: "People keep saying, 'Oh, it'll be great to get out of your comfort zone.' It's like, 'F**k you!' Get out of your f***ing comfort zone! It f***ing took me 20 years to build a comfort zone. I have no f***ing intention of stepping outside of mine. Not for no f***er. That's f***ing gone! F***ing comfort zone bastard. I'm in the process of building another one and believe you me, I won't be stepping outside of this one."