Noel Gallagher was the most ''nervous'' he's ever been before a gig at the reopening of Manchester Arena.

The 50-year-old musician was among performers at the 'We Are Manchester' concert in September, which marked the first time the venue had been used since it was struck by a terrorist attack after an Ariana Grande concert in May.

And the former Oasis guitarist admits he found himself ''all tied up in the emotion'' before facing the crowd.

He said: ''One show I've been nervous for, [though,] it was just recently in Manchester. I was all tied up in the emotion of the night and all that. For standalone gigs and tours, even going on stage in front of all those people, it's like, 'They're all here to see me and here I am, so bring it on.'''

Noel did an emotional rendition of Oasis' 1996 hit 'Don't Look Back in Anger' at the gig, which became an anthem for the city in the wake of the horrific terrorist bombing.

The 'Some Might Say' songwriter will release his third solo LP 'Who Built The Moon?' on Friday (24.11.17), and he ''can't wait'' to head out on the road to show off his new tracks, which he says are bound to transform performed live.

He told the latest issue of Flood magazine: ''I feel great. I feel like I've always felt - on a professional level, I feel like I always feel at the start of a cycle: I can't wait to get started, I can't wait to play the songs, and for the songs then to start morphing into live versions.

''When you put out records, there's the record, [and] then they change. As the tour goes on you start playing them differently, singing them differently.

''Sometimes you have to check yourself halfway through a tour and go back and listen to the record and go, 'Oh, we've lost something there.' And sometimes they get better.''