Oasis track Half The World Away has been reworked by Norwegian pop star Aurora to accompany a TV campaign for U.K. department store John Lewis over the holiday season.

However, Noel is not happy about his song being given a festive makeover because he is not a fan of Christmas.

Speaking during a gig in London on Monday (07Dec15), Noel told the audience, "It (the song) will forever be synonymous with Christmas from now on and, as is well known, it's not my favourite time of year..."

However, Noel, who wrote the track himself, admits the payment he received helped soften the blow: "At least it comes with a cheque, which, believe me, is highly worthwhile."

The singer went on to warn his family and friends against making a joke out of his connection to the store over the festive period.

"Don't go buying me John Lewis vouchers for Christmas, trying to be a smart a**, inside a card that says 'Noel'."

Aurora previously revealed she had not heard of Oasis before she was asked to record a cover of their track for the Christmas campaign.

"I hadn't heard of Oasis before but now I've heard quite a few of their songs," she explained. "They are a really good band and write good lyrics... Obviously (my cover), it's quite different to the original...

"I didn't know the song from before - it was a choice from the makers of the advert to record it. They wanted it to be open and emotional - we did the best we could. I really liked the song when I heard it and it has beautiful lyrics so I thought I'd give it a go."