Noel Gallagher would ''love'' to work with Pharrell Williams.

The 50-year-old rocker is gearing up to release his third High Flying Birds album 'Who Built The Moon?' later this month, and has admitted that for his next venture, he'd be willing to get in touch with the 'Get Lucky' hitmaker.

He said: ''I'll tell you who I think is a f***ing genius and I'd work with him in an instant. Pharrell. He had that run of songs, 'Get Lucky' and 'Happy' and 'Freedom'. F***ing hell. And he writes it all himself.''

Noel admits he was previously approached by the musician and producer, 44, as he was a ''huge fan'' of Oasis, which Noel was a member of until their split in 2009.

And after Pharrell told him to ''give him a call'' to work on music together, the 'Holy Mountain' hitmaker has said he's keen to take him up on the offer.

He added to Stereogum: ''He came to me once, at the height of 'Get Lucky'. He was a huge Oasis fan. I met him at an awards ceremony during 'Get Lucky', the biggest f***ing song of the last 20 years, and he said, 'When you're ready, give me a call, we'll do something.' Of course my wife's going 'F***ing call him!' But I'd work with him for-f***ing-sure. We've got a lot of mutual friends and I've met him a couple times. He's a dude, man. I f***ing love him.''

It comes after Noel previously revealed he can't wait to head out on tour in support of his upcoming record, which hits shelves on November 24.

He said: ''I feel good about it. I feel good about every record that I put out at the point that it comes out, but we'll see what it feels like next year when we're mid-way through the tour. You only really get to know the songs when you play them in front of an audience, because then you'll see which ones are the most popular. So I'm excited for that to happen, although it's not happening until next year. But yeah I feel good about it.''