Noel Gallagher might be heading to the UK's 'X Factor' in a sensational move that would make him one of the show's judges for the forthcoming season. Well, maybe not, but the former Oasis man did lay down the terms for what it would take to get him on the show should such an eventuality happen. In an issue of the Radio Times yet to hit news stands, the 44 year-old commented "It's about six months' work, innit? I reckon it would have to be a million pounds after tax."
Before Gallagher fans get up in arms however, the musician quickly backtracked to say, "I say that tongue-in-cheek" before continuing "I don't really want to do it. But a million pounds for six months' work? That's good money if you can get it, finishing "Even I don't earn that much," according to the UK's Sun newspaper.
Gallagher isn't doing too badly though it has to be said. With the split of Oasis in 2009 it seemed like uncertain times for the guitarist, with many fans wondering whether he and his brother Liam Gallagher would be so effectual apart from each other. However, upon debuting his new project Noel Gallagher'S HIGH FLYING BIRDS he found his first solo album managing to go straight in at the top of the UK Album Charts, going platinum in the process.