Noel Gallagher has got "nothing to say" to his fans when he plays live.

The former Oasis star is preparing to go on his debut solo tour but he insists anyone coming along shouldn't expect him to do much else but sing and play guitar.

He told BBC Radio 2: "I've got nothing to say to these people who are coming to see me apart from this song is called... I'm not really into audience participation. I wouldn't come down and look down at your computer while you're at work.

"They're here to listen to the music. You clap, I sing, good night, the end."

The tour will be Noel's first full run of shows he has played without his brother and former Oasis bandmate Liam singing with him, but he insists he isn't nervous about stepping on stage without his younger sibling.

Noel - who quit the 'Supersonic' rock band after having a huge bust-up with Liam before a festival appearance in Paris, France, in August 2009 - added: "I'm ready for it. I wouldn't say I'm overly excited. I wouldn't say I'm overly nervous. I'm a bit intrigued about what people expect."