Noel Gallagher says reunions ''are f***ing s**te''.

The ex-Oasis rocker has trashed bands who get back together, saying they pale in significance when put next to the surprise return to music of David Bowie earlier this year.

He told NME magazine: ''What it proved to me is that reunions are f***ing s**te.''

Noel's statement cast further doubt on a proposed reunion between him and brother Liam to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Oasis' '(What's the Story) Morning Glory' album in 2015.

Liam - who now fronts Beady Eye - has previously acted angrily when confronted with the idea of getting Oasis back together.

He said: ''It was Noel who started that rumour, I've never said a f***ing dicky bird. F**k Oasis as far as I'm concerned and f**k Noel Gallagher. Not interested, mate. We're Beady Eye all the f***ing way.''

Liam formed Beady Eye with ex-Oasis bandmates Andy Bell, Chris Sharrock and Gem Archer in 2009, shortly after the band split.

They have recently been working on their second album, and Liam has described its sound as ''pretty druggy.''

He said: ''I like rock'n'roll, but fired out into space. If you're into drugs you'll like it. It's pretty druggy.''