It says something for the sheer amount of things sub-par about the Olympic closing ceremony - particularly in light of its wondrous opening ceremony - that Beady Eye and Liam Gallagher opting to cover Noel Gallagher written Oasis song 'Wonderwall' went largely unnoticed. Most people were too busy grumbling about George Michael shamelessly playing a new tune, the appearance of the Kaiser Chiefs to replace a clearly late The Who, and just Jesse J being there in general.
However, Noel himself was all too aware of his younger brother's decision to sing 'Wonderwall', and he hit back at a concert of his own. Playing a benefit for the charity War Child in London last night (August 14th), Noel played 'Wonderwall', and, according to The Guardian, announced that it was especially for "Stratford's finest Oasis tribute band". Oof.
We probably should've expected some sort of response, considering the fact that the two estranged brothers bumped into each other at Michael's post-closing ceremony party, with Liam tweeting "Bumped into the biggest cock last night at George Michael's party, 'behave' it was Rkid ha ha LG x". Beady Eye had resolutely refused to play their own material during the first two years of their existence, that changed though when Noel started playing the tracks he'd written during concerts with his new band The High Flying Birds. Beady Eye thus played 'Morning Glory' and 'Rock n' Roll Star' when supporting The Stone Roses in Manchester at the end of June.