Noel Gallagher's wife Sara MacDonald forces him to go to the gym.

The 51-year-old rocker says that whilst he doesn't enjoy keeping himself in shape with regular trips to the gym, he's pushed into it by his wife Sara - with whom he has sons Donovan, 11, and Sonny, eight - who he says is a ''fitness fanatic''.

Speaking to BBC Radio 2, he said: ''I wouldn't say I enjoy the gym but I go. If I can put the gear on then I'm going, that's the most difficult act for me, putting on the shorts and the trainers and the ill-fitting top, once I've got that one I'm like, 'Well I might as well go now.' My missus, she cracks the whip, she's a fitness fanatic, she's at the gym five days a week and she looks amazing. She'll always say the same thing when she gets up to take the kids to school, she'll go, 'You sitting on your arse all day?' I'll be like, 'It's ten past seven, at least give me until half past before you start slagging me off.' She'll go, 'You going to the gym?' I'm like, 'I still look like an unborn baby, at least give me an hour to wake up.'''

And although the former Oasis star listens to his wife when it comes to his fitness regime, he won't allow her to buy clothes for him, and says he even turned down a shopping trip with Paul Weller because he doesn't like people meddling with his wardrobe.

The 'Holy Mountain' hitmaker - who also has daughter Anais, 19, with his first wife Meg Matthews - added: ''I'll take health advice off her but not clothes advice, she went through a stage of buying me clothes but I don't like people buying me clothes. Paul Weller once asked me if I'd like to go shopping, I was like, 'I'd rather not.'''