Noel Gallagher believes the 90s music scene would ''never have happened'' without The Beatles album 'Revolver'.

The 'In The Heat Of The Moment' singer's former group Oasis became the biggest band in the world during the decade, emerging from the Britpop movement with Blur, Suede and Pulp and the 90s also saw the emergence of dance acts like The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers.

Noel insists you can trace the sound of the 90s acts directly to The Fab Four's eclectic and acclaimed LP.

Speaking to Apple iTunes about his favourite albums and songs, he said: ''The 90s would never have happened without The Beatles 'Revolver'.''

'Tomorrow Never Knows' - the closing song of 'Revolver' - was described by The Chemical Brothers as their ''manifesto'' and its influence can be heard on their two tracks with Noel, 'Setting Sun' and 'Let Forever Be'.

The rock legend also lists The Sex Pistols self-titled debut LP and 'The Wall' by Pink Floyd as two of the most influential albums on his career, as well as several other LPs.

He said: '''Never Mind The B******s Here's The Sex Pistols' is probably the single most important album of all time. Why? Because it reignited youth culture.

'''The Wall' by Pink Floyd is staggering. The scope, the vision, the story, the iconic guitar playing - not to mention the songs! I know every single word of it.''

Speaking about why he wanted to compile a list of his favourite music for iTunes (available at, Noel, 47, said: ''iTunes asked me to put together a list of my favourite albums and songs. Your life will become instantly more interesting should you even consider buying any of this gear. Onwards!''