OASIS star Noel Gallagher has said that he wishes the US presidential candidate Barack Obama was British.

Writing on a blog he created to document his band's current tour of America, the guitarist noted that he had been inspired by Obama's recent acceptance speech which he saw on US television, reports NME magazine.

"Impressive stuff. Spellbinding in fact. Wish he was one of ours. Why do Americans believe they're electing the president of THE WORLD though? " he wrote.

On other posts on his blog, Noel discusses how a bride and groom asked him and his bandmates to pose with them for a photograph, but were refused.

"Who do they think we are? Robbie Williams?" he questioned.

In related news, Noel was recently named as Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich's role model.

Speaking to the website theQuietus.com, Lars said that he was an OASIS "fanatic" and said Noel inspired him, reports the Guardian.

02/09/2008 12:01:13