Noel Gallagher hates getting emails - because it takes him so long to write a response.

The technophobic rock star only recently entered the computer age and he gets frustrated by the messages he receives because his typing skills are so poor when he has to write back.

He said: "I have 150 emails everyday. Emails containing something where someone could call me up and ask me, Noel, do you want to do such and such and I'd say thanks - done. It takes me 40 minutes to send an email."

Noel - who releases his debut solo LP, 'Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds', next week - bought his first ever computer last December.

The 44-year-old musician admits he was talked into purchasing a totally inappropriate computer when he went the shops.

In an interview on UK station BBC Radio 2, the former Oasis guitarist explained: "I've got an iPad and I got a computer at Xmas. Other than entertainment, what are they for? They're not for anything! The guy in the shop, he's seen me coming. My older brother he came round at Xmas and said, 'You've not got a computer?' So I got an iPad. The next logical thing is to get a computer. So I go to the place and I say to the guy, I don't know nothing about any of this but I feel like I should have a computer. He said right, follow me and he talked to me and it all sounded like nonsense but I thought I'll buy it because I didn't want to look an idiot.

"I got back to the office and I pulled out the computer and everyone said, 'What have you got one of those for?' This thing it's so big, it's what professional people who design space shuttles use. I very rarely plug it in."