Noel Gallagher has moved out of central London - so he can have a garden.

The former Oasis star will marry Sara MacDonald on Saturday (18.06.11) and while he loves living in the city, the couple have decided to move to leafy Maida Vale in north west London so they can focus on creating an impressive outdoor space, much to the amusement of the rocker's estranged sibling and former bandmate Liam Gallagher.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "Liam thinks his brother's gone soft by going to live in Maida Vale so his wife-to-be can do the garden. The area is known for retired people, after all. 

"Noel has admitted that he misses being in the heart of London but he wants Sara to be happy and because she loves her garden, he's just dealing with it."

Although Noel and Liam haven't spoken since they had a huge bust-up before a Paris festival appearance in August 2009 resulting in the end of Oasis, Noel wants his younger sibling will attend the nuptials on Saturday.

He said: "He is my brother. He is a tit but he's my brother so I guess he should be there. Yeah, I would want him there.

"Family is family on days like that and it would make a lot of people happy. But he'll always be a complete t**t."