Noel Gallagher says his younger self wouldn't like him now.

The 'If I Had a Gun' singer has long moved on from his hard living heyday and admits the 90s version of him wouldn't appreciate how he has mellowed with age.

Noel, 45, told NME magazine: ''He'd call me a ****. Because that's what he was like. But I don't care what he would say. I'm 46 this year. I've got three kids and I've been doing this for 20 years. There's no point in being fidgety and nervous and insecure about it. It's all about enjoying it. This playground s**t's over.''

Another change in the former member of Oasis' life since the 90s is the recent putting aside of his differences with Damon Albarn, leader of rival band Blur, when they performed the latter band's track 'Tender' at Noel's Teenage Cancer Trust charity show last month.

Talking about making up with Damon, Noel added: ''I've only ever seen him twice and we've been pretty drunk both times, but it turns out he's quite a genial fella. Turns out I'm quite a genial fella too. It's almost like, what was the fuss about back in those days when we were all screaming drug addicts, mouthing off at each other.''