Noel Gallagher takes his own-branded tea ''everywhere''.

The 'AKA... What A Life!' hitmaker was given a personalised version of his favourite beverage by Yorkshire Tea and refuses to travel anywhere without it, and he is confident it will never run out.

He said: ''I've always [got my own brand]. It goes everywhere with me, that.

''We've got about... there was a good few thousand before we started the tour last October, so we're might be running a bit low, but it'll never run out, it'll never run out.''

Noel - who has a 12-year-old daughter Anais with ex-wife Meg Matthews and sons Donovan, four, and 20-month-old Sonny, with his spouse Sara MacDonald - also admitted he shed a tear when his wife made him swap his favourite brand of cigarettes for a lower-nicotine type.

Speaking ahead of his performance at the Isle of Wight Festival last night (24.06.12), Noel told Absolute Radio's Sarah Champion: ''I only cried really, well apart from when my kids were born, is when I had to switch brand of cigarettes, I cried.

''My wife, the lovely Sara, when I met her she smoked MarlboroLights and I smoked Benson & Hedges, and she made me change to Marlboro Lights because she reckons Bensons were bad for me, and then do you know what she did? She gave up smoking. So now I smoke birds' fags and she's the picture of health.''

Noel's set with his band the High Flying Birds at the Isle of Wight festival can be heard at