Noel Gallagher has invited a young fan to meet him at his show after the youngster requested he visit his PSHE class.

The 'She Taught Me How To Fly' hitmaker has made one of his young fans' dreams come true by asking him to come backstage at a gig so they can ''exchange life stories''.

Captioning a copy of the letter, where Sam asks to meet him backstage and play the guitar with him, he said: ''Play on stage with me? Blimey you don't want much do you eh? I'm sure one of my b*****s at HQ will sort you out a pass of some description and we can hang out and exchange life stories.

''You can tell me tall tales from your PSHE class (whatever that is!) and I'll fill you in about the 90's. Can I just point out is not an open invitation to every other f***er on the planet. (sic)''

It comes after Sam wrote a letter to Noel's management asking the Oasis singer to come to his school and talk about his past.

The letter read: ''Dear Mister Noel Gallagher, I am writing to ask if you are able to come into my PSHE lesson to talk about your life, fame and fortune. I am a big fan of yours and would love to hear about your stories. My class have been searching the topic of drugs in PSHE and (I know you are now clean) would like to hear about when you used to take drugs and how you turned it around. Yours sincerely, Sam. (sic)''

And captioning a picture of that letter, Noel had wrote: ''Thanks for the offer Sam but as much as I'd love to come and regale your PSHE class with war stories from The 90's I'm gonna have to pass as I'm currently in re-hab..I mean the studio!!! (sic)''