Noel Gallagher is ''happier'' then ever since Oasis split almost 10 years ago.

The Britpop legends broke up after an infamous fall out in 2009, and the 51-year-old singer has claimed he's loving life since the band came to an end.

He told Rolling Stone Argentina: ''Ten years later, I'm still on tour, I feel younger, I'm better looking, I have a better band and I write better songs.

''I'm happier and Manchester City won the Premier League three times - what more could I ask for?''

Noel - who was in the band with brother Liam for 18 years before their explosive end - penned all the tracks on Oasis' first three albums before other members started contributing tracks with the 'Shoulders of Giants' LP.

However, while he has insisted the group was in a better place with him ''in charge of everything'', he also claimed he grown as a songwriter since going solo.

He added: ''I'm 51 years old and don't think I compose music the same way I did when I was 25 - that would be ridiculous.

''When I left Oasis I didn't do it because I didn't like the sound - I invented Oasis' sound.''

Noel now fronts the High Flying Birds, and he revealed he had a blast during their recent 'Stranded on the Earth' world tour.

He said: ''Sometimes you kind of treat it as a job, but on this tour it's been f***ing great. It's like, 'I am amazing, f***ing hell.' ''

His comments come after Liam tried to prompt a reunion, but Noel suggested the popularity of his brother's Pretty Green clothing label means he doesn't need the money from a comeback.

He previously said: ''Kids with their dads, all of them dressed in Pretty Green, I was saying to my mam, 'F***ing hell, why does he want to get Oasis back together, he must be loaded.' Every **** in a parka, every f***er in a parka, the middle of the summer, hat on, four pairs of sunglasses.''