OASIS songwriter Noel Gallagher had to grovel to get into the Glastonbury MUSIC FESTIVAL this weekend (28/29JUN03) - after he lost his VIP pass.

Noel was playing an acoustic set yesterday (29JUN03) at the massively popular Somerset, England music event - but was only let into the festival site after some quick talking from his fiancee SARA MacDONALD

An onlooker reports, "He was OK about it but his girlfriend was unimpressed.

"She does work for the ORANGE mobile phone company, who are sponsoring the festival, so she talked them round by saying, 'You've got to let him in, you must know who he is. He is Noel Gallagher.'

"He looked a bit embarrassed at first, but her charm paid off as they were finally sorted out with the right passes."

30/06/2003 13:50