Noel Gallagher has been enjoying a spot of sight-seeing as he tours Europe.

The 'Death of You and Me' singer has travelled to the cities of Munich, Berlin, Rome, Milan and Zurich with his High Flying Birds band, and admitted while he particularly loved the ''magnificent'' Italian capital he wishes his wife, Sara MacDonald, had accompanied him on the trip.

He said: ''Rome is magnificent, I f***ing LOVE that place!! One of the greatest places on earth, no question. Pity I was working though. The sun was out, the streets were full, the only thing missing was my good lady wife, she'd have been in her element!!

''The gig was equally as magnificent. Those kids break all kinds of records for the loudest, most passionate, most intense, most ... most mostest fans in the world!! Crazy kids.''

Despite the rocker also enjoying his time in ''beautiful'' Zurich, he thinks his Swiss gig was ''without doubt the worst'' he'd ''ever done''.

Noel added on his official blog: ''Caught another train to Zurich the next day. What a ride!! Up and over the Alps, magnificent scenery. T'was all too beautiful (as Steve Marriott once sang).

''Unfortunately the gig was a shocker. Without doubt the worse I've ever done, just p**s poor. The crowd loved it though which somehow made it even worse. An unsatisfactory end to a great little tour. You currently find me in the most depressing hotel in all of Europe. Flying home today ... 10 days off! (sic)''