Noel Gallagher was "embarrassed" at the unrest in the U.K. in August (11), insisting the rioters were more concerned with stealing electrical goods than sparking political upheaval.
The former Oasis rocker was on promotional duties in Europe when pockets of violence, looting and arson broke out in several British cities, and he was baffled by the cause of the rioting.
He has now spoken out to criticise those behind the unrest for using it as a chance to steal expensive electrical goods instead of demanding social change from the government.
Gallagher tells the Bbc, "I was a bit embarrassed... It's hardly the French Revolution is it? It wasn't politically motivated, you know, it wasn't particularly against anything... You know, it was for tellies (televisions) and all that...
"When I was growing up, we were the working class and we were the lowest. There's a level underneath that now - they're the can't-be-bothered-working class, and they have grown up into a culture of benefits and all that. But there's many reasons for those riots.
"There's no excuse, but if you're constantly bombarding people with a lifestyle that they can't have, magazines for girls, with £2,000 handbags in, and The X Factor and all this kind of celebrity lifestyle - which is frankly what all young people want - if you constantly bombard them with that and then give them no hope of ever getting it, then a few of them get together and they are like, 'Shall we put (electrical store) Currys' window through? At least we'll get a couple of tellies out of it.'
"You can't expect them not to behave like animals when they are uneducated like animals."