Noel Gallagher doesn't think his song 'Holy Mountain' resembles Ricky Martin's 'She Bangs'.

The former Oasis guitarist - who released his third solo record 'Who Built The Moon?' today (24.11.17) - says that while the ''phrasing'' of 'She Fell. She Fell' on his track is similar to 'She Bangs! She Bangs' on the Puerto Rican star's 2000 hit, he was by no means influenced by the 45-year-old pop singer and can't understand why his fans are making the comparison.

Speaking to John Kennedy on Radio X, Noel said of the track which he worked on with the record's producer David Holmes: ''I must say, out of all the things I've read, the one thing that was never played to me in the studio was 'Ricky Martin'.

''The only similarity, his tune goes - as I remember it - 'She bangs! She bangs!' So it's the phrasing of the words. That's it. I understand people have mundane jobs and they've got nothing better to do, so they can comment on stuff.''

However, the 50-year-old rocker says he was inspired by the late music legend David Bowie on the song, especially his 1974 album 'Diamond Dogs'.

Explaining the 70s influence on the psychedelic track, Noel said: ''It's got a bit of 'Diamond Dogs' in there.

''But you know, when you're making up stuff in the studio and the clock's ticking ... I never thought I'd be into it.

''People are sitting there like: 'What are we doing today, then?' And you think: 'Well, I've got to come up with something here.' So this is pure expression. It's not thinking about it at all.''

Meanwhile, 'Fort Knox' musician revealed his wife Sara MacDonald is featured on the album artwork for 'Who Built The Moon?', and that it was made by his postman Gareth.

Asked who is on the cover, he said: ''The lovely Sara. And how she's ended up on that is, originally there was a picture that ... I must say the guy that's done this artwork is my postman, Gareth Halliday and he's not ... He doesn't do art.

''And I came across his work and I got in touch with him out of the blue. I'd never met him.

''He clearly knew who I was. And I said, to him you're doing my artwork for the album.

''And he sent me this amazing picture the other day. He's still a postman, he was doing his round and he was delivering somebody Q Magazine with a full back page advert of the artwork.

''And he's like 'this is the most bizarre day of my life'. And if you're listening Gareth which you're probably not, probably in the sorting office somewhere, you're a genius.''