Noel Gallagher has dismissed reports suggesting a spider stowaway caused a security scare at his gig in Jersey this month (Sep12), branding the story a "load of fabricated nonsense".
The former Oasis star performed at the Jersey Live music festival on the Channel island off the coast of France on 2 September (12), and reports suggested crewmembers quarantined a backstage area before the show when a green-fanged spider was found in a guitar case.
It was even suggested that local wildlife experts had to be called in to take the creature away for analysis, but Gallagher has now shot down the story, insisting it is not true.
In a post on his blog, he writes, "I think the last time we spoke I was in the biggest retirement home in the world, that being the isle of Jersey. The gig was great as I recall... You might be aware of a story about a deadly spider or summat (something)? A load of fabricated nonsense. Great night all the same though."
Experts at Durrells Wildlife Conservation Trust on the island beg to differ - they have the tubeweb spider they collected at the venue, and it has become quite the celebrity.
Staff member Matt Goetz recently told WENN, "It's quite a pretty spider and we have it in a little box. There has been a constant stream of people visiting us, wanting to see the spider that shut down a festival."