Noel Gallagher says Coldplay will have Chris Martin ''hand-deliver'' their next album.

The former Oasis frontman has taken a jab at the 'Fix You' singer as he compared them to U2 - who had their 13th album 'Songs of Innocence' automatically downloaded onto iCloud for free in September 2014 - as he joked that Coldplay will visit each fan who buys their record and even offer to help around the house.

The 'Wonderwall' singer said: ''I firmly believe we'll all get a knock on the door at some point over the next two years and Chris will be stood there. And he'll say, 'Alright man, you know, here's a Coldplay album.' And you'll go, 'Thanks.'

''And there's a ladder and he'll say, 'Bass player's [Guy Berryman] just fixing the guttering, Johnny [Buckland's] round the back, he's doing the gardening and I think Will [Champion's] going to put the recycling out, so enjoy.' And then he'll come back and say, 'Oh, I forgot - here's a tenner.'''

Despite the light-hearted tone, the 47-year-old rocker was adamant he will never give his music away ''for free''.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's 'Mastertapes', Noel said: ''Who knows what's going to happen. But for the record, no-one's getting anything out of me for free.

''I don't agree with music being given away for free because it costs a lot of money to make a record. Look, [U2] obviously don't need the money, good for them, but it's not something that I would ever consider.''