Noel Gallagher saw Bob Geldof stealing Pink Floyd merchandise from the V&A museum because he didn't want to pay for it.

The former Oasis star was speaking about his friendship with Band Aid founder to the Irish Independent newspaper and recalled how they attended the Pink Floyd retrospective exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London together earlier this year and Bob encouraged him to pocket items from the gift shop.

Noel, 50, said: ''I love Bob Geldof. He is a dude, man. I'll tell you a really funny story. We were at the Pink Floyd exhibition at the V&A and I was exiting through the gift shop and Bob Geldof is kind of looking through the memorabilia. I go, 'Alright, Bob?' He handed me a load of Pink Floyd badges and said, 'Put them in your pocket!', 'Are you serious?' 'Pink Floyd have got enough f***ing money!' He was robbing Pink Floyd badges!''

The 'Holy Mountain' singer also has a great friendship with Bono and he supported U2 this year on 'The Joshua Tree Tour 2017'.

Noel loved being on the road with his pal but he couldn't keep up with hard-drinking Bono, and after spending several says as a guest at Bono's home he called his tour manager to come and pick him up.

He said he thought to himself, ''I'm going straight to rehab, this is too much for me.''