Noel Gallagher is waiting for someone to have the ''balls to do something radical'' to tackle the threat of Islamic terrorism.

The former Oasis guitarist saw his song 'Don't Look Back In Anger' become an anthem of defiance in the wake of the suicide bombing outside the Manchester Arena in May which took the lives of 22 concert goers and injured many more.

Noel, 50, believes we are living in ''dreadful times'' and he thinks the time has come to stop individuals being allowed to ''practice extremism'' in the UK.

When quizzed about the new security measures that have to be in place at concerts now by the Toronto Sun, the rocker said: ''I've got to say, particularly in England, our political leaders seem powerless to do anything about it. European f***ing law dictates that these people have the right to practice extremism in our country and there's nothing you can f***ing do about it.

''It was very scary spring and summer we had. Yeah, it was dreadful, dreadful times. And you know, this is not the last time it's going to f***ing happen. It's going to keep happening until somebody has the balls to do something radical.''

Noel openly admits he is fearful for his own safety when using public transport in London, where he lives, and he worries about what could happen to his three children, Anais, 17, Donovan, 10, and Sonny, seven, when travelling in the UK capital.

The 'Holy Mountain' singer - who is married to Sara MacDonald - said: ''I get more sad and angry (about what's going on) but I still have to take public transport because I don't drive. And I get worried about my daughter. She's 17. She lives her life on public transport and it's all random. And when she kisses me goodbye and she's going off to take the tube it could be the last time I ever f***ing see her.''

Noel headlined the We Are Manchester benefit concert which re-opened the damaged Manchester Arena in September.

His estranged brother and former Oasis bandmate Liam Gallagher performed at Ariana's One Love Manchester event which was held in June to raise money for the victims of the bombing.