Noel Gallagher has branded his estranged brother Liam Gallagher a ''village idiot'' who he believes is mentally unwell.

The 50-year-old guitarist can't understand why the 'Wall Of Glass' hitmaker decided to publicly hit out him for not performing at Ariana Grande's One Love Manchester charity concert, which was staged a few weeks after a terrorist attack at her show in their home city in May.

Noel has always maintained he wasn't asked to appear and his only theory for his 45-year-old sibling's verbal attacks is that he has serious issues.

Speaking to the Irish Independent newspaper, Noel - who recently said Liam needs to seek the help of a psychiatrist - said: ''I will say this - and this is all I will say about it. I don't think that he is well.

''I think it says more about him than it does about anything else. I honestly don't think he is well.

''I don't know where that comes from because we had exactly the same upbringing. Who knows what's inside the mind of a village idiot.''

The 'Wonderwall' songwriter has been embroiled in a long-running feud with his younger sibling ever since Oasis split following a backstage bust-up before a festival appearance in Paris in 2009, which culminated in Liam swinging a guitar at Noel's head.

The pair have several fist-fights during their time in the rock group but the guitarist is adamant that it was Liam who always kicked off the rows and physical altercations.

Noel is adamant he had plans to go solo when he quit Oasis but decided to walk out on the 'Some Might Say' hitmakers because he was done with Liam's constant bickering.

He said: ''I never fought with Liam at all. Liam was fighting with himself. Right now, he is picking a fight with himself somewhere. I don't suffer fools in any f***ing sense at all, but I suffered him more than maybe I should have done.

''I felt maybe, looking back on it, that the stadium rock thing wasn't me anymore. At the time, it wasn't a musical decision. It was literally a case of I can't stand the fighting and the shouting and the firing people for no reason.''