British rocker Noel Gallagher is battling a crippling bout of glandular fever.

The former Oasis guitarist is on a solo tour in Europe with his band High Flying Birds and is due to head to the U.S. for more gigs later this month (Oct12).

However, his long stint on the road is beginning to take its toll on the Wonderwall hitmaker - following a show in Dusseldorf, Germany he revealed he has been sick for a month.

In a post on his official blog, Gallagher writes, "The gig in Doozle-dorf (sic) was not the best. Not for me anyway. I must tell you I've got glandular fever and have been suffering with it for nearly a month now. Been feeling my age recently.

"Good job I've only got 5 weeks (of the tour) left and not 5 months eh?... My old voice is a little shot and if I'm being honest it is well past this tour's bedtime (so to speak). Still, we soldier on and like I say only 5 long weeks left."